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Hi, I own a logitech x-540 surround speaker system. Ive grown tired of the wired rear speakers (the front ones im ok with) is there a wirless unit that i can use instead of the wired speakers that would still work ok with my current surround setup. Any links/brands would be a huge help

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  1. I dont know about separate speakers, but Logitech has z5450 for $499, can be found for $400 online. They have wireless rear speakers. The quality is on par with the famous z5500.

    Btw how do u find x540 quality to be? Im thinking to buy one for my small room?
  2. the quality of all logitech speakers arent very good.
  3. The Z-5450 retailed for $199 in 2004 and the Z-5500 retailed for $220 in 2006...just FYI.
  4. but cheap...
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