Keys for my asus laptop's keyboard

I would like to ask you in which kind of shop or where I could get either first or second hand (second hand would be better) a missing key for my asus laptop's keyboard.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. If the keys are interchangeable, a small repair shop may have scrapped a similar Asus recently and have the keyboard as spares.

    Alternatively throw yourself on the mercy of Asus local branch and see if they can be bothered to locate and post you a single key top. Obviously be very precise about which model you have.
  2. Thanks
    But besides your point, my question has to do with whether you guys know if there usually is a second hand market for this kind of things which might not be easy to find at first.
  3. You might find a broken Asus on e-bay. Stocks of small parts like that depend upon it being a very common model like the older Dell Latitudes for which you can usually find drive caddies, optical drives at flea markets, computer fairs etc.
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