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For my system specs please refere to "my rig". Only thing different is that i have a dvd burner and a 19 inch flat panel.

what is the ideal system to do video editing, mainly pinnical studio 8.5? Right now my system is soo slow and locks up and crashes so often everytime I open up pinnical studio 8.5 or some other program. It's driving me insane! And i lost 2 hours of work because PS8.5 crashed on me. It locked up and the hard drive was going nuts. I had to manually shut it off. It just runs insanely slow! I have 512MB of RAM do i need MORE???

Does windows xp have anything to do with it? Would going to windows 2000 help anything? not enough RAM? faster hard drive? Faster cpu?

I would appreciate some advice for optimal performance. Just enough so it won't crash and lock up all the time. I can't afford overkill.

thanks! i appreciate it!

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  1. Well......1 thing i recomend u try is to download and istall the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers version should help u out a bit if u dont have them already....

    also what r u Temps?? Ambient, Board, CPU, HDD...??

    another thing is the ANTEC 1040B case has a SmartPower Antec PSU.....those things give up rather easily...ive had to replace 2 in the last month in 2 ppl's computers i built for them about 6 months ago with that same power supply.....i put 350 Enermax Whisper's in both systems and havent heard a problem from them since....

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  2. PS huh? I always thought there was something wrong with it. Maybe i should replace it with a newer one. It is rather old now.

    As far as temps.

    Hardries have a 80mm fan behind it so those run very cool.
    CPU is about 45 i would say. SYstem tends to be quite high. Sometimes 30 and maybe even up to 35. I'll have to check on the temps as those are summer temps. Still seems high to me though. So thats why i always thought my PSU could be bad but i never had enough evidence to go out and buy a new one.

    I did infact install the latest drivers and the latest MMC 8.1.

    thanks i'll look at PSU's and see what i can find.

    Life is irrelivent and irrational.

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  3. Yep, Antec's SmartPower series power supply's are just as good as generic PSU's........there TruePower series however are a bit better but even than i wouldnt trust one....

    Good luck man...

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  4. I've never heard someone speak ill of an Antec power supply. What type of problems have you seen with them? All the reviews on the Truepower line have been great.
  5. he doesnt have a TruePower....

    Like i said, the Antec SX1040B has the SmartPower series PSU.....there utter crap......

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