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i am facing a strabge problem, i installed linux along side win7 dual boot system. when i removed linux partitions ex4, my system become unstable after all i had to reinstal win7 too. but this time win7 sp1 dvd scratch less media, it could not boot my system. sometimes messages showed "mbr not found" sometimes "ntldr missing" then used simple win7 dvd "not sp1" it booted my system and installed properly. but still problem is there win7 sp1 dvd not booting my sysem. is it bad file system problem or what it is?
please guide me about the technical information regarding my problem, and help me for the solution.
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  1. The error messages that you are recieving are " mbr" is Master boot record and the other "ntdr" is the NT directory, these are major files that Windows needs to load and work properly so it sounds like the Windows 7 SP1 disk is a burned or copied disk and doesn't contain these files because the disk is copied. Most likely you didn't buy the disk from a store and it's a pirated copy.
    If your Windows 7 disk is a legitiment copy of Windows 7 then all you have to do is download SP1 from the Microsoft site.
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