Fast in games but Slow in windows?

I've noticed my knew computer is very fast in games, 11,000 marks in 3dmark 2001 SE, but for some reason, in windows it'll have a delayed to response to simple things like right clicking, or opening up a window. It is an xp 2200+, radeon 9500, ddr333, 2x ata133 RAID 0, Win 98SE. Any suggestions?
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  1. Are you using nForce2 chipset, if so the problem is your OS,
    use winXP, u'll see the difference by yourself,
  2. No, its a GA-7VRXP. I do have windows xp, but i prefer 98SE. Do you think a switch would help me, or is it just nforce boards it helps?
  3. No ideas?
  4. XP is by far a superior operating system. If you have another hard-drive, install XP on it, and you WILL see the difference.

    Unless of course your computer is FUBAR, but it does sound like an OS problem.

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  5. Okay, my thoughts are that it's either bad IDE drivers (try updating them if you haven't done so yet) or at least one of your hard drives is acting funny. (Try running a thorough scandisk to get a surface scan for any errors, and if nothing comes up, try a defrag.)

    Of course, one must also wonder what actual hard drives you are using...

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  6. I had the same problem on one of my machines right after I "updated" to XP service pack 1. Menus would come up really slowly, folders would open slowly afer being clicked, but programs ran just fine. I did not really feel like spending hours trying to hunt down the problem, so I just formatted and did a clean install of XP and re-updated it to SP1. No problems ever since then.

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