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I am a beginer hobbyist and I'm looking into building a mono preamp (basic tone and volume control) the circuit I am basing my project on is a stereo unit whitch uses a TLO72 opamp If I'm not mistaken this is a dual unit Does anyone know of a suitable single to replace it with
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  1. TLO71, 741, are both single op amps. you mean a single op amp in a DIP package? TLO72 is dual, that is correct, but a suitable single to replace WHAT? Give more details please.
    Just use half of the TLO72.
  2. The TLO72 in the stereo circuit uses one op amp for left and the other for right and it's just two identical circuits off either end of I was going to build a similar circuit only I am going to go mono I know that I can just not wire up 1/2 the op amp But I was hoping to just use a single That is similar to half of the TLO72
  3. TLO 71
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