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Anyone have any news on Hammer going to 2.4 Gig 1st Quarter 2004?
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  1. i run across a PDF explain that SOI may reduce clock speed. So dont get your hope to high.

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  2. While early unoptimized yeilds could cause less headroom, SOI is not meant at all to do this, it's the contrary, and up to 35% more clock speed per process.

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  3. strained silicon or SOI or low dielecktric or any others enchantement will only help at 1 or 2 point.

    Soi can help prevent a bit of noise in signal reduce leaking
    Strained silicon will improve the current (mA)
    A die shrink will decrease physical lantency of the transistor reduce the need of bigger voltage.

    None of them help on clock speed if that is not you weak point as Itanium is power comsumation.Power 4 power consumation.P4 lack of current at very high speed noise in signal W/DIE is too high.Athlon a bit of everything.

    after 0.13 there a infection point and it become hard to improve clock speed

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  4. It would depend on the architecture really. However, a move to 90 nm means a bigger shrink in transistor size than the move to .13 micron. Keep in mind transistors are square, not linear, so you have to square the sizes and look at the difference in area.

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  5. SOI does indeed help provide for higher speds... 20-30% according to IBM in their research and developments. It also lowers the voltage required to attain a specific performance point. Because of this, it stands to reason that, with voltage being a primary means of ramping a CPU's speed, that, if SOI allows a CPU to achieve a particular speed at lower voltages that the CPU can attain significantly higher top speeds when using SOI than bulk silicon.


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  6. He said it does not <b>directly</b> influence clockspeed, which is somewhat true. A given architecture will eventually reach a certain "brick wall" as far as clockspeed. The only thing is, you'll run into physical limits of certain trace paths, heat and thermal limitations, transistor delay limitations, etc. long before you'll run into the clockspeed limitation of the architecture. SOI, Strained Silicon, die shrinks and other methods all help to remove these limitations, however the underlying limitation in clockspeed is still there. You simply haven't reached it yet with any of the current cores (although the K7 is getting mighty close I think).

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  7. In any case what you just it the result of strained silicon as I=V divide by the resistance.

    SOI it hust a isolateur nothing else dont think this is 1 big feature.

    Im2god to you

    As you say it relate a architecture.I will like to know if you got some electronic course.As i just start my at my college (ISE)

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  8. Introduction to Computer Architecture (ECE 5C) at my university teaches the basics of such thing.

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