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So I'm in the market for a new PC monitor but I want to combine TV viewing with PC work.

I am considering either a 27" PC monitor, running at 1080p and streaming TV from the web...


...getting a 1080p TV set with HDFreeview built in.

The smallest TV sets available with 1080p and HDFreeview seem to be 32".

I have a Windows 7 system, NVidia GTX295 which supports 1080p HDCP, would the TV support as good as quality picture as a 27" HD PC Monitor?
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  1. What about the LG 32LD490...


    Anyone had any experience with this set, seems to offer all the specs but is it really suitable for a PC monitor?
  2. So I went ahead and made the purchase.

    I went for a Lg 32" HD TV.

    Plugged into my GTX295 graphics card with DVI cable, it works brilliantly!

    Full 1080 resolution, amazing for gaming on PC and TV with just the press of a button.
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