Manual cleaning of epson 820 printer

how do you clean manually a epson 820 printer
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  1. Cleaning printer cartridges is not as big a chore as it sounds. It’s not a disadvantage of ink jet printers, as you can clean the printer cartridges easily and quickly. You will know when your printer cartridges need cleaning; when the prints are streaky and don’t have clarity.

    STEP 1: Self Cleaning

    The printer that needs to be cleaned should be selected through the printer menu. As a user, go through the properties menu and search of the ‘clean’ option. Once you locate it, click on it.

    STEP 2: The Clean Command

    The clean command is usually worded “Clean Print Cartridge”, however different printer manufacturers might name the command differently. After you click on the button, all you need to do is follow the prompts. This will help you initiate the process of cleaning for your printer.

    STEP 3: Unclogged or Clogged

    You must test the printer, specifically, the printer cartridges and see whether they are clogged or unclogged.

    STEP 4: If the quick fix solution does not work?

    If your printer cleaning method does not work, you need to physically clean the printer cartridges. You can use an alcohol solution for the process.

    STEP 5: The Process

    Your printer ink cartridges needs to be removed. Then you have to place a few drops of alcohol in the small holes of the ink cartridge. These are minute holes through which the ink actually comes out.

    STEP 6: The alcohol should remain on the holes for around 20 odd minutes. After that take a clean damp cloth and wipe the area clean. The clean cloth will have a few ink stains, telling you that the printer cartridges are now clean.
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