What are the best laptop/notebooks around?

what are the best brands? and who has the best value for money. I currently have an acer aspire but it is constantly freezing and it is quite large, it also overheats frequently. I am looking to buy the best laptop for my price range (less then 1500) to last at least hopefully 4-5 years
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  1. Apparently not Acer, according to complaints on here. I'd always recommend Toshiba or Lenovo.
  2. Yeah, this question is far too subjective to answer. One person's opinion may differ from another's. I've had nothing but good luck with Dell, yet there are plenty of people out there that hate the company.

    I think my top 3 list would include:
    1. Sager/Clevo
    2. Dell
    3. Asus
  3. HP laptops have the worst reliabliity.
  4. Acer FTW

    Cheaper, powerful, and Lock up every 10mins.

    yep..can't beat that....
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