Receiver's antenna input accepts 75 ohm wires

My optimus receiver accepts a 75 ohm antenna in the form of two separate wires. I can't find any 75 ohm antenna with 2 wires, only an F connector, and I don't really want a 75--300 ohm transformer where the 2 transformer wires would "appear" as 300 ohms to the receiver. I thought a solution would be to purchase a "combiner" which takes a 75 ohm F connector and a 2-wire 300 ohm connector all on one end of the combiner, and on the other side of the combiner is a 75 ohm F connector. Thinking the 2 connectors on the one side of the combiner are hardwired and can be hooked up as follows (with nothing hooked up to the 75 ohm connector on the other side of the combiner, thus no conversion): 2 wires at the receiver's 75 ohm wire jacks lead into the 300 ohm inputs on the combiner and a 75 ohm antenna with an F connector attached to the F connector on the same side of the combiner. Again, nothing hooked up to the other side of the combiner making for no conversion. (If a conversion would take place at all anyway) Does this make sense? Feel free to give a simple answer. Thanks a lot
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    Jeez, how complicated can you make this ?

    It's just an antenna connector.

    Japanese tuners and receivers used to come into the UK constantly with only US screw terminal antenna connectors while the UK uses coax connectors. We just stripped the coax and connected it to the screw terminals. It worked.
  2. Thanks (now why didn't I think of that?)
  3. you can also use a 75 to 300 ohm transformer
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