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Hello, I deleted my photos from my computer after uploading them to Kodak EasyShare. Now Kodak EasyShare software won't open any pictures? But, they are there. Sometimes I see them in my albums when I first open the software - then they disappear and are replaced with a gray box with a squiggly line in the middle. When I try to open them, EasyShare states it cannot locate the picture. Is there any way to get these pictures back? Help?
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    Have your put anything new on the drive that has saved these photos on your computer?
    If you have not done these similar things, you should try a free recovery tool to get back your photos from this drive. Honestly, I have tried this freeware to recover my data after accidental deletion. It is quite easy and efficient.
    Actually, after the deletion, your data is not gone permanently. It is only the space used to save them that has been marked as "available space" for new data. Therefore, as long as you have not write new things to overwrite the original data, you still have chances to regain them with the help of a reliable recovery program.
    Note for you:
    1. Stop using this drive immediately to avoid overwriting the original data, which can make your data gone permanently.
    2. Save your recovered photos on a different storage device in case of recovery failure.
    3. Back up you data in the future in case of similar problem.

    Thank you! That worked - BUT the recovered pictures were damaged? Any thoughts on how to repair them?
  2. this helped me also. thanks.
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