Behringer bca2000 windows 7 installation problems - just times out

When installing the BCA200o drivers on my win7 64 bit machine - it just times out...?



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  1. shut off anti virus and firewall, shut off windows defender, then install.
    after install turn it all back on.
  2. There is no (and looks like there will not be) drivers for BCA2000 on 64 bit architecture O.S.

    You can complain at his technical support registering here -->
  3. As of this writing; I have installed the BCA2000 using my Win-7 32 (driver V2.1.0.6) with no problem and have worked on a number of record/edit sessions.

    Do not connect to USB before the install but during install, it will ask you to plug into the USB port.

    If you did make a connection before the install, uninstall the complete software then with the unit still connected, go to 'Device Manager' and delete the driver. Now disconnect the USB and re-install.
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