LG or Philips ?? Need Advice

Hi guys
I need your help
Planning to get a LCD
I like the LG 2253TQ-PF
21.5 inches , 2ms , 50000:1 , VGA + DVI-D Input , NO HDMI Input , 1920 x 1080 (1080p) , 60Hz

and the Philips 221E1 HSB - HDMI
21.5 inches , 5ms , Contrast ratio - 1000:1 , Smart Contrast - 25000:1 ????
VGA + HDMI Input , Built in speakers , 1920 x 1080 (1080p) , 60 Hz

Now i like both these LCD's
The LG has a response time of 2ms but no HDMI Input only DVI
The Philips has a response time of 5ms but has HDMI .
I'm really confused which one to go for
Please Help me out
Cheers :)
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  1. Response time is basically meaningless and so is "Dynamic" and "Smart" Contrast Ratio; the LG monitor's contrast ratio is "Dynamic" even though it doesn't specify. Mostly used for marketing purposes. Contrast Ratio or Static Contrast Ratio is more important and are typically rated at 700:1 to 1000:1.

    Between the two, I would probably get the LG 'cause 1920 x 1080 on a 21.5" screen is a little too tiny for me.
  2. lg and philips are basically the same company, you can get a dvi to hdmi cable....
  3. So generally everyone says HDMI is better than DVI ??
    What about that ?
    And what's this viewing angle ?
    Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertial) 170/160
    Thanks Cheers :D
  4. HDMI carries both video and audio signals.

    Technically speaking video quality should be the same between HDMI and DVI, assuming components used for those ports are of the same quality.

    Viewing angles of TN panels basically sucks in my opinion. Manufacturers can list whatever specs they want, but in reality they just suck. Go to a computer store and look at several monitors to get an idea of the average TN viewing angles. The narrower the viewing angle, the more colors will shift.
  5. Thanks a a lot Jaguarskx
    I really appreciate it.
    Hey since your using a Seasonic S12 550
    I wanted to ask how are seasonic psu's ? compated to Corsair ?
    I'm getting a new rig with a 450w Thermaltake or coolermaster psu
    But i'll be going SLi in sometime
    So in your opnion and with the rail voltage being taken into consideration how are Seasonic Psu's ??
    Cheers and thanks a lot
  6. Many models of Corsair PSU are manufactured by Seasonic. The one's that aren't are manufactured by CPT (not as renouned as Seasonic). Which specific models? I don't know off the top of my head.

    Seasonic also makes some PSU models for Antec and PC Power & Cooling as well.

    I over the past several years I have only bought Seasonic PSUs due to their high quality. Seasonic was one of the few manufacturers who actually stated "constant" amps on their PSU instead of "peak" amps which is more or less worthless because I want to know how much amps a power supply can provide for a constant period of time rather than peak amps for a second or two. I think Seasonic switch over to stating peak amps now just like the rest of the industy, but I could be wrong.

    Thermaltake's lower end PSU are at best average quality and I don't really have a high opinion of Cooler Master's entire line of PSUs.
  7. hi whats your budget for the screen, and stay away from tn panels unless Strictly for gaming

    psu go for corsair simply the best of the best and not bad pricing

  8. Budget is not more than AUS $200.
    Yes this is for gaming and practically everything else as well.
    See i like the LG 2253TQ-PF - it's only $165 with a 2ms response time.

    TN Flim pannels give better response times than LCD panels
    But bad viewing angles ?
    Correct me if i'm wrong

    So what are your suggestions ?
    Because now i'm confused. :sweat:
    I use the pc for playing games + virtualization + everything else u do on a pc
    So i'm looking at buying a Screen from all possible angles including watching movies and everything
    I actually wanted to go for a 120Hz LCD, so i could get 3D Vision
    But its too expensive
    So what's your advice ?
    Thanks a lot , i totally forgot about the TN Panels :D
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