Connecting 70 volt speakers

I need help on connecting 70 volt speakers together. I know to use the black as the ground and select the wattage (colored wire from the transformer), but how do I connect them together? I would like to put about four on each side (L&R). Please advised.
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  1. Does the amplifier have a 70 volt output?
  2. I would like to use one of two old amps I have for my back yard: Sony Amp TA-F5A and Yamaha P2100 Amp. How do I tell if they put 70 volts? It doesn't say it on the back.
  3. Then it is not a 70 volt amp, and it is not made to drive 70 volt speakers. Does the speaker have 4 or 8 or 16 ohm taps on the transformer?
  4. Thank you for responding. The speakers are 4 ohms, so I'm just going to hook up two per side in to bring it to 8 ohms. The speakers have a 70 Volt transformer on them, which I was going to connect more than two per side. So I will just by pass the transformer.
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