Relay problem on CAT5E ethernet cable project

hello everyone, i have recently been working on a project to temporarily turn off the green wire in a standard cat5e cable. below there is a crude drawing of what i would like to do with this project, as you will notice i have all 8 wires of a cat5e cable,relay(DPST), a switch, and a battery for the trigger(because the 2.2V from the cat5e cable isnt enough to power the relay trigger) but the question is, where should i put the negative lead of the 9v battery that i use for the trigger's power on the relay? should i put it with the - end of the relay or put both + and - ends on the trigger spot on the relay? please help i am a little confused.

sorry if this is in the wrong area of the forums...
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  1. also, i want to keep the switch (hence why i am using a relay) but any suggestion to do something different is ok, i just want to keep my momentary on switch (which i need momentary off, which is why i need a relay to wire it to be momentary off).
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