Most Stable/Compatible Combo of P4 PC Components?

Hello folks.

I'm not sure if the following question has a simple answer, so I will try to articulate it as best as I can...

Regarding only Pentium 4 PC systems:

What combinations of the below Pentium 4 PC components have shown to have...

...the absolute best STABILITY?

...the absolute best COMPATIBILITY with software/hardware?

Have any of these combinations also shown to have the absolute best PERFORMANCE? Which ones?

(Please be as general or as specific as needed.)

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!


Note: Below are all the different types and aspects of Pentium 4 CPU's, motherboard chipsets, motherboards, and RAM that I could presently think of.


Pentium 4 CPU
- Core
- MHz bus
- GHz

Motherboard Chipset
- Brand
- Model

- Brand
- Model
- "Single" DDR / Dual DDR
- "Single" RD / Dual RD

- RD / DDR
- Brand
- MB
- MHz
- RIMM for RD (?)
- Hyperthreaded / Non-Hyperthreaded
- Registered / Unregistered
- Buffered / Unbuffered
- ECC / Non-ECC
- CAS (Latency)
- Number of Sticks
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  1. Hello again.

    You know, now that I think about it, I would like to broaden my question more to include all of the following general types of PC systems...

    Pentium 4
    Athlon XP
    Dual Athlon MP
    Dual Xeon

    Thanks again!
  2. You know, there really is no such thing as an "absolute winner" in this field... It´s not so easy, because it depends on your particular needs. I´d say the best overall choice would be (and that includes AMD Athlon XPs, Dual MPs, Dual Xeons) the following:

    Intel Pentium 4 3.06Ghz, 533Mhz FSB with Hyperthreading technology
    Asus P4T533-C i850E-based motherboard
    2x256MB Dual-Channel RDRAM PC-1066

    That´s what I would qualify as the current top model, overall, in terms of performance, stability and compatibility. Some might choose a Granite Bay configuration over RDRAM, or even SiS655, but the i850E is still the best performer. A Granite Bay/SiS655 would cost you less and would be the second choice. The Intel chipsets <i>should</i> offer you all stability you´ll ever need, and there are no compatibility issues that should concern you. Not with the Intel chipsets, they´re well designed. That might not be the case with SiS655, though... So I´d recommend the 3Ghz P4 and an Intel chipset, either 7205 (GB) or i850E.
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