USB Turntable for recording old vinyl to PC?

I was at Frys the other day and saw a USB turntable, it said it was specifically for converting vinyl to digital.
I have a couple hundred old, (50's, 60's, 70's, and a few 80's) albums in storage I would like to drag out and convert to digital.
Anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, opinions about these? Do they work well? I cannot remember the exact brand it was, it was on sale for like $79. Said it played 33/45/78 speeds. Seemed like a pretty cheap anyway I wanted to run it past you all before I bought one.
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    I've seen these USB turntables and they look tacky and are probably a poor quality belt-drive design. The one I saw relied on software you can already download for free (Audacity).

    I do a bit of ripping from vinyl and found no problem running a signal from a quality conventional turntable (a 30 year old Thorens 125 belt drive) to a hifi amp and then running a lead from the amp's tape output socket to a computer.

    Latterly, I found a Technics SL1200 direct drive disco turntable which starts fast and stops almost dead on command making cueing up tracks simpler than with belt drive. Linked that to either a computer or standalone CD-Recorder. The CD recorder makes better recordings but uses special "Audio" CD-R which are expensive and hard to find.

    So skip the USB turntable and dig out an old hifi turntable.
  2. That is exactly what I wanted to know.
    Thank you for your input, I guess it's back to the storage building.....I still have an old direct drive Technics turntable buried in there somewhere.
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