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Trendy Computer Companies!
If I could suggest something. Please stop buying computers from TV commercials! You are paying for these ads!
Go with a company that has a hundred years behind them such as IBM. They have been around longer than any of these other companies, who just throw a computer together and cause all of these complaints.
I have owned 2 IBM computers over the last 10 years and never had a problem. Our grandaughter has the original and it runs like a top!
They have a wonderful tech support team however, if you have a good machine you don't need it. I have used their tech support probably about 5 times in 10 years.
Companies like Dell, Gateway, etc., do not have such a success record. They gear toward the younger population and sell a product I wouldn't have if you gave me one!
IBM has not gained their reputation from manufacturing a bad produt. It is simply the best! Go to their web site, and take a look around.
My husband is a retired systems analyst from a very large corporation and as he said, the company has tried them all but, the last 10 years have stayed with IBM as they are the most reputable and trouble free computer on the market today.
IBM doesn't need to advertise as they established their reputation many years ago.
Five or ten more years down the road, it will be very interesting to see if any of these trendy companies such as Dell, Gateway, etc., will even be in business. Companies larger than these have "folded" in the past!

Go to and you will get results from your complaint. I did for 2 different friends.
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  1. hate to sound like a broken record but you need to build your own. I offer my services for free to my friends and family. I built two systems for my friends and they are doing good... but ofc i got them to spend the money on qwuality retail parts.. and whats funny, they still saved 300 or more bucks compared to buying a PC from a company.

    A 5 foot work fan, plastic sheeting for the funnel, some tubing, and duct tape is all you need for a cooling system. :wink:
  2. That is funny... considering I now see 'Buck-A-Day' computers selling IBM hardware... all to some funky tune. If that isn't trendy, I don't know what is.

    I don't doubt IBM makes a good product, however I could show you a list of unhappy customers that purchased IBM Aptiva computers with the notoriously bad M-Wave modem/soundcard combo. It was a good idea, but very bad on the implementation. I was so happy when IBM dropped them from their Aptiva line.

    As for tech support, I've never really used it. I once had an issue with Internet Explorer that I emailed Microsoft about, but that was it. Any problems I have I'm usually able to fix myself. One thing I really disliked about IBM though was it's policy on service. If something as simple as a floppy drive failed, I had to ship the whole works to Toronto (I'm in Canada) to be repaired. Never mind that we were IBM authorized and all had our A+ certifications... which is why my former employer got out of selling IBMs and into selling Compaqs. At least if the customer had a problem, we could order a part, have it in two days, and fix the machine locally.

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  3. I totally agree about building your own, then at least you know what you've got!
    Wish everyone had a wonderful friend like you.
  4. Plus building your own is half the fun of it! It's fun to put it all together and then watch it go. And it is nice to know every nook and cranny of your machine. I offer the same free service to my friends and family. I hate to see people getting ripped off buying these overpriced, underpowered, pre-packaged, shared memory, integrated everything, non-upgradable, bloatware laden, pieces of junk. Not gonna happen on my watch. ;-)

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  5. not gonna happen on my watch...
    unless your girlfriends parents are idiots...

    g/f wanted a new comp, to replace her old P-200 96MB 2 GiG toshiba laptop.

    I offered to build a nice system... gf2, 512 DDR, XP 1800... sound blaster, 40GB drive, CD ROM...

    they got a DELL... "cuz it was cheaper and had a DVD drive."... first it came as a celeron 1.7 (never woulda found out unless i said to look 4 it). the thing has integraded everything (cept NIC and modem) NO UPGRADE SPACE AT ALL no free PCI's, NO AGP at all!!

    now... the mouse is dead. go figure.
  6. I don't doubt IBMs are quality computers. But they are not suited to gaming. Building your own is the only way to get a "performance" platform without spending thousands of dollars. IBM computers are great for Office users.

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  7. LOL
    Well thats their fault.
    Now you can say "you got delled!"

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  8. I hate to reply to such an old post, but I stumbled across this one.

    My first computer was an IBM Aptiva 450 k6-2.

    2 dead motherboards, 3 dead hard drives and 6 dead sticks of memory later:

    I figure out how to build my own pc.

    Btw, Dell's support so far has been top notch in helping me with some of the systems that I sevice here at my work. Fast and friendly. Not like all the people I had to deal with at IBM.

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  9. "Dell's support so far has been top notch"

    after all the calls they're experts now :D

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  10. I won't argue that IBM is good, they are. However, where I work, we use a lot of Dells, and they are excellent machines, they have been reliable, and support has been good.

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  11. yep dell does have good support (from our experience)

    that is because you pay 1.5 times the price of the PC ad are effectivly paying for the support.
    but yes it has been good for us, and our dell computer is SUPER quiet, and also very stable/reliable.

    unlike my custom build which is Bloody loud and has had every component in it (except the DVD drive) have somthing wrong with it. Arrrrrggggghhhh i might get a dell next time (LOL j/k)
  12. LOL, aside from not getting another MSI board, I deffinety need to make better choices in fans.

    I'm tempted to go to dell for my next notebook, even though I _REALLY_ dont want intel...

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