Windows exception on Dell Poweredge 2600

I have a Dell Poweredge 2600, that has been throwing exceptions upon setup. I have solved one of the exceptions by deleting all partitions on the server. The newest exception i have had is as follows : The instruction at 0x74e086a2 referenced memory at 0x02920002. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program. Im assuuming this is a memory failure or error of some sorts. I have had Ubuntu server 11.10 sucessfully installed (didnt run it though) and it has sucessfully ran mini xp from hirens. I am using windows server 2008 32-Bit. If there is any more information needed feel free to ask.
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  1. My first step on this would be to do a low level check on my RAM (with memtest or the like), followed by a block-level check of my hd (and the tools you'd use to check that would depend, most of my experience in this area is kinda stale, honestly).

    The other possibility is that your install media is damaged or there's a fault on your optical drive or its connection to the backplane or mainboard. (Those are a bit trickier to troubleshoot, though, so, like I said, run some automated tools on the memory and hd first.)
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