First Build Complete yesterday w/ Windows 8.. Need Help!

I just completed my first build yesterday and I love it(other than one problem). I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then saw that the release preview came out and I upgraded to it. Works great. I really enjoy the layout of Windows 8(I was a OSX user before). The problem is that the computer will randomly freeze up. I can be listening to music, browsing the web, checking my e-mail.. and all of a sudden my mouse won't be able to click anything but it is still able to move. I attempt to bring up the task manager, but the computer is too frozen to do that. It happens almost every 30-60 minutes of active usage. Last time it happened, I thought I would outsmart it by leaving the task manager open to monitor the performance graph. Well, the graph wouldn't respond. I find it strange that my mouse is able to move, but nothing is responding. I left my computer on for a few hours running today without any activity and it didn't freeze up. I have downloaded all the latest windows updates. The only 3rd party software I have installed is iTunes, chrome, and office. I understand it is a beta version and things like this happen, but it doesn't seem that other people are experiencing this problem. Here is my build:

Case: Corsair 650d
CPU: i5-3570k
RAM: 16gb (2x8gb) Corsair Vengeance
MOBO: Gigabyte Intel Ga-z77x-ud3h
Disc: Asus DRW-24b1st
PSU: Corsair cmpsu-650txv2
HDD: Samsung 830 128gb ssd with 2tb Seagate 7200rpm 6gb/s
GPU: HIS Radeon HD 6870 1gb 256bit

Not sure if the rest of this matters: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Mouse and Keyboard, dual monitor hp2311x, medialink Bluetooth and wireless adapter.
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  1. So, I think I might have figured it out. I uninstalled all the programs that didn't come standard on the Windows 8 download and the computer hasn't frozen up since. I'm assuming Google Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, etc. are just not compatible with Windows 8 right now? Since I deleted all of those and strictly used IE and Zune(or whatever music player this is), it has been fine. As this is really my first experience with Beta OS, is this how it normally acts? I'm going to just bite the bullet and buy Windows 7 Ultimate I guess. Was hoping to save the few hundred dollars with the beta for now, but I guess not. Any input would be great.
  2. i have tested and ran both the dev preview and consumer preview, and the only real issue i had sometimes was with 2d graphic polygons going a little wonky. I have not be able to test the release preview because im too lazy to move my DVD drive off my raid card.

    Ill probably install it this weekend and see if i have similar issues, i normally will install all the video drivers and anything needed and then install a bunch of games and programs and just try them all to see if they all work.

    personally I can't stand the layout of Windows 8 for a PC, it is great for a tablet or touch screen but not something i would use for everyday use on my PC.

    I would install programs one at a time, to try and find out which one is having the issues. iTunes could be the issue, I have had some issues with it locking up my PC in the past for no reason, other than being opened, so i switched to winamp and have not had problems since.
  3. been quite a few people saying google chrome is causing the same symptoms you are getting
  4. also bear in mind its not a released product. And bear in mind that there may be no means of getting from your system to the released product without re-installing, there may not be an upgrade.
  5. google chrome is the first thing i install on any of my computers, never had an issue with it. then again it could be a new issue with the release preview, maybe a hidden prevention measure put in by M$ ?? heh, i wouldn't put it passed them.
  6. As I posted in another thread, chrome kills windows 8. I think its a flash issue.

    At first your video will freeze, your keyboard will freeze.

    You will still be able to most likely move your mouse for another few seconds and that too will freeze forcing a hard-reboot.

    I did lots of troubleshoots and it kept pointing to chrome and flash.
  7. I have been using windows 8 now for 5 days, installed chrome as my first install as always. watched a good 2 hours of youtube videos, and whatnot, all works great for me.

    only issue i had was at first it seemed as though win8 was limiting my download stream, it was going horribly slow only getting 4Mbps, when my connected is usually steady at 28Mbps. seemed it was just my internet connection at the time, because it went back to normal.

    but as for chrome killing windows, must be a case by case basis.
  8. it the os and flash...running the nightly build of firefox or any flash based video will randomly lock up my system...older windows 8 did not.. somthing ms must have changed that causing an issue. myself i would wipe the drive and go back to the other windows software till it expires.
  9. Why not try running the programs with issues in Compatibility mode? Worked for me.
  10. odd that I don't notice any issues with chrome or flash. I use it on a daily basis now, since i royal screwed my windows 7 install and just migrated everything to win8.

    been enjoying the OS, all my games work so far and better, less jitter in certain games
  11. Here's the fix.

    Computer hasn't frozen once since. Works great.
  12. In my mind all chrome software is junk.
  13. ceh4702 said:
    In my mind all chrome software is junk.

    so what do you use? chrome copies? such as all other Web browers seem to be heading the same way as chrome, light weight and clean interface.
  14. I could be wrong or I could be thinking of google. At any rate I have tried Chrome and I was not impressed at all. The main thing I use my computer for is streaming video. For that purpose, I thought it was worse. I like Korean movies with subtitles. I am trying the release preview of Windows 8 and I might go ahead and purchase it. This was originally a Vista computer so it could not be much worse. I was watching youtube videos and I think people are just scared of change. Every version of windows that comes out they complain that it looks the same or it is just more boring windows. Then when windows makes some real attempts at innovation they think the sky is falling. There is no pleasing some people.

    I have to have a better reason to use chrome other than it is new or different. It has to be better. It is kind of pompous to predict the future of computers or the Internet. I could take or leave cloud as a concept. I still don't have no flying car!
  15. better wait for windows 8 to stabilize, then use windows 8 with freedom, right now, i would suggest you to reformat it back to windows 7 if you want to enjoy today's programs n softwares....
  16. ceh4702 said:
    I have to have a better reason to use chrome other than it is new or different. It has to be better. It is kind of pompous to predict the future of computers or the Internet. I could take or leave cloud as a concept. I still don't have no flying car!

    well main reason i use chrome is just how it ties all my google experience together, and seems to work with any webpage i use. I have my android phone using chrome, and my two PC's, with gmail set up. I just love having my favourites and most recent visited come up on both my phone and browser at home so if i forget a link to something while i was out i can just bring it up on my PC, or vice versa.
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