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I manged to get some sound from my realtek hd onboard audio. Its very distorted and only comes out one speaker. Ive tried all the lates realtek drivers and codecs,some work but the sound is terrible and extrememly distorted. So i tried some old drivers and found the microsoft uaa function driver. I tried that and the sound is louder and just a little distorted but still sounds bad. Can anyone help??? is the onboard sound broken and nothing will sort it???
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  1. You have a bad motherboard?
    You have bad speakers?
    the audio connector is plugged in wrong on the motherboard?
    turn the computer volume way down, turn the speakers up.
    try another set of speakers, or try your speakers on another computer.

    Is this an Asus board?
  2. yeah its asus. my speakers are great,the audio is plugged in the correct slot. doesnt matter how low the volume is still distorted
  3. that might be to do with the insulation. what i did to find out that it was insulation was install SRS audio sandbox, if teh audio is clean after u install taht, then it is to do with your mobo.
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