ASUS M70Vn Bios/GPU issus..Asus Tech Support sucks

Anyone else have horrible experience with Asus tech support? There is a community of M70vn users that are having issues with the latest windows 7 and nvidia drivers on the laptop that Asus knows about (there is unofficial bios out there) but is dragging their feet to fix. This has been happening since the beta release of Win7, i figured they would fix it. Anyone know where I can complain to to get action or is ASUS just hopeless?

Before the fix the computer Video driver would crash and the screen would reset. Now with the unofficial bios the video driver does not crash, but it does have other lighting issues and the computer crashes while playing video games...
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  1. Unfortunately, your best bet is to just wait for the BIOS fix to come out. If the computer is new, you could return it and go with another brand. If not, I'd try and stick it out and keep complaining to Asus until they deal with it. I wouldn't go with the unofficial BIOS, as you are setting yourself up for a major headache if and when Asus releases the official BIOS.
  2. Did you find bios ? Is out yet 207 ? I have the same problem... Please help :( . PS: Can i update my nVIDIA GeForce 9650M GT (Asus) 1Gb GPU Codename G96M ? I mean bios ? Tnx
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