Toshiba Windows 7 64 bit Driver Problems

Hi everyone,

I just upgraded my windows 7 32bit to win7 ultimate, 64 bit and my display driver isn't working properly, not giving me my full resolution. It shows wide and low resolution.

My toshiba laptop model is a satellite L745 SP4201LL

Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you all for your time.
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  1. When you upgraded to Windows 64 bit you also have to upgrade the video cards drivers to 64 bit. Right now the video is using the Windows generic driver which doesn't give you all of the features that the video card has so you need to upgrade the drivers to take advantage of those features and higher resolutions.
  2. You should go to the Toshiba site and download all the 64 bit drivers for the rest of the components of your laptop so that you have all the correct drivers installed for all your devices. Windows has generic drivers that will work with the different devices in your laptop but they are not the full drivers for those devices and to gain full complete use of all the devices in your laptop the drivers should be updated.
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