Computer Keeps Locking up

I'm sorry if i put this Thread in the wrong section i'm kinda new.

Ok so I just built my computer about a week or so ago and i have been having these problems. This all started when I showed my friends the inside of my case i would turn the power completely off and open the back. I and they never touched the inside of the case or the parts.

When i browse the internet and sometimes other things the computer just stops working. the mouse can move(well sometimes) and the sound repeats over and over like a stuck record(sometimes this does not happen). The only way to fix this is to either press the reset button on my case or to cut power completely off.

During this I can not do the Ctrl-Alt-Del, it does nothing. The first time this happened I was trying to watch a Youtube video. Here are my Specs.

Psu- Corsair 850W Enthusiast series
Cpu- Fx-8120 3.1 ghz
Gpu- AMD HD radeon 6850
Motherboard- Ga-970A-Ud3(my RAM is not located on the color closest to the CPU the second color so []-cpu ||||-Ram slots ||-Mine||-Mine)
RAM- G.Skill 8GB Value series DDR3 1333
Case- HAF 912
Memory- Wester Digital Caviar Black 1TB
(if there is any other specs you need I should know them)

The average heat of my system is about 40-60
I have not changed any settings in the BIOS
I have updated all my drivers or at least that's what windows driver update says.

also these lockups happen sometimes after about an hour of the computer being on and others about a day or two. I've tested my ram with memtest and have run burnin test to have a completely no error come up.

please help i'm about to burn this computer or bring it into to Geeksquad and i'm not looking forward to paying 100 dollars to hear that i forgot to update something. Thank you for your time and if you have any idea as to how to fix this issue please say it.
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  1. If this all started after you removed the case cover, whatever, without touching anything inside, you may still have dislocated a connector by giving the case a little jerk while opening the cover or pinched a cable or disturbed a RAM module.

    Since you built this computer, you can check every connector and cable harness easily. Ex. the connectors to the gfx card, to the mainboard, etc. or RAM modules. An improperly seated RAM module is easy to pop out under small case movement.

    Even if everything seems to be O.K. cablewise, RAM-wise, any update to the software, including those to the operating system itself, may cause lockups.

    Good luck.
  2. yes I had another thread that was the same thing and I was told to update my bios and the problem has not happened since *cross my fingers*
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