How to make a virus infected memory card work

My digital camera's memory card got virus infected . It wants a format but if I format it I will lose my photos. I want my photos so please tell me how can I get my photos.
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  1. Well the only way really to do so is plug it into the computer and put the pictures on there then format it, maybe do a computer you don't care about getting a virus on haha.

    what makes you think you have a virus on your sd card anyways?
  2. my cousin put the sd card in pc and he also cannected a virus infected pendrive. Virus got in the sd card.
  3. Then you need format the drive, after that to recover the photo by using the software:

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  4. If you have a Mac, pop the SD card in the reader, pull off your photos and then reformat the card with Mac disk utility.

    If you got a Windows PC, try to use a virus scanner to repair the SD card. If the repair is successful then copy your photos off the card then reformat the card using Windows. If the virus repair is unsuccessful, you can still try to copy the contents of the card to your PC and reformat the card with the PC.

    Let us know if you have any luck. I don't recommend reformatting THEN trying to RECOVER the photos... some photos will be rendered useless with this method.
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