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I have an antiquated yet tenacious Dell Dimension 8300 w/ integrated sound. but I am soon to get a decent laptop. Where should I begin looking toward a versatile and reasonably priced sound system suiting either machine. It should preferably include tweeters, midranges, and a woofer considering many of my audio files are in FLAC ~1,400kbps.
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  1. whats your budget ?(state in values)
  2. $75-100; I'm looking to invest more into a good headset in the near future. If you believe this budget is not adequate, I'll be willing to increase it by a quarter hundred, but only with sufficient evidence. Thanks!
  3. sorry the only speaker i can recommend in that budget is the logitech z-2300, but relal ythere not that gd speakers.
  4. you could check some speakers by creative. tell me what you think, and send me some links.
  5. hmm, to me i still think the logitech z-2300 will be better,
  6. After dedicating a reasonable amount of personal research and receiving recommendations via other tech forums and an electrical engineer scholar, there are substantial red flags indicating 2.1/5.1 PC designated audio systems ranging from $50-150--exempli gratia: Creative Labs, Klipsch, Logitech, & Sony--are inferior to more costly monitor/bookshelf systems. If this is further corroborated, it seems increasing my budget will reciprocate favorably.
  7. well really id have bought neither of those speakers.

    if u could increase your budget a lot more, then theyd be tonnes mroe options.
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