Buzzing sound and Studdering when watching video (youtube or avi)

Why does this happen? I suppose it is some piece of hardware... let me tell you a few things about my machine that I am curious could be the culprit.

First some specs:

Windows 7
CPU Intel Core i5 3570K (Quad Core)
3 monitors (1 HDMI and 2 DVI)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti
5 hard drives...
One hard drive seems to suddenly not be working...

I'm wondering if it could be all the hard drives? Or because there are 3 monitors? I did get a USB buffer over run error once trying to turn on the computer on the USB... I simply unplugged a device...

Any ideas?

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  1. the studder happens from
    memory is installed in wrong slots
    install 2 memory sticks in 2 slots closest to CPU, retest.
    possible bad memory stick. run memory test which is built into (included in) windows.
    avoid free software memory tests downloaded from internet.
    after slots, mem test, mem locate, mem test, if all is OK,
    may be bad motherboard. Is this an asus board?
  2. So I ran the mem test and that wasn't it... and I tried moving the memory sticks to be closer to the CPU.. at first it was like so:
    and now it's

    Is that what you meant?

    What else could it be? Could it not be that i'm running 3 displays? Or that I have too many devices or harddrives?
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