Help me turn on my wifi on my hp laptop

Don't know what happened, wifi was always on -- my lan went off, so I put on
my hot spot on my cell phone, and noticed my wifi has an orange light, and
messages say my wifi is off. I cannot get it to turn back on. Can you help???
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  1. go to the manufacturer website and download the entire manual for the laptop.
    the manual shows where the wi fi controls are built into the keyboard.
    you need to push certain keys to turn it off / on.

    once you have turned that wi fi key on, and the computer is on...
    unplug the power to the modem and router
    wait about 15 seconds,
    turn the power back on
    now wait about 2 minutes for the router and modem to do a reset...
    wait till the modem lights are blinking normally, restart the computer
    once it restarts, the computer normally recognizes a wi fi signal.

    another thing that may hold you up is the name and password for the network
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