Tablet-like solution for interactive presentations

Hi, I'm looking for a tablet PC or a tablet-like solution to do interactive presentations/brainstorming/reviews.

The idea is to improve the efficiency of those activities by having a stylus-driven device that everyone can pass-along and "scribble" their ideas on. Moreover, for anyone to clearly see, I'd like this device to be connectible to a projector/TV using HDMI or DVI (wirelessly would be great, but I think this is still utopia). I'd also like the size to be as big as possible (14-17 in. if possible).

I posted this question in the Laptop forum because the obvious device for this would be a tablet PC, but most of the ones I could find only had VGA output unless you use a docking station which would make the "passing along" part more complicated. I also heard of tablet PC with detachable screen, but couldn't find much information on those with google. The "laptop" part of the tablet PC isn't really necessary, so if there is a way to get a stylus compatible portable LCD connected to a desktop PC, it would also be fine.

Ideally, I would like to stay under the 2K bar (only for the device, the projector is another budget).

Any ideas?
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  1. Ok, no answers yet :( If my idea/objectives aren't clear, feel free to ask questions ...

    Another thing I though of: since the "portability" isn't the primary objective, having a docking station would be an acceptable way of getting the DVI/HDMI output if the touchscreen is detachable.
  2. I don't know of any tablets with detachable screens, but if there was one, I doubt it would be less than $2000...
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