Windows XP won't install on Dell Dimension 4700

Hello all,

Ok here is the issue so far. This dell had windows xp on it but it would constantly blue screen so I decided to reinstall windows xp. I tried multiple times on the original hard drive it had but it would always fail. It would either get to the end of the process by which it copies files over and report that certain files cannot be copied (happens with multiple XP discs I have). Or it will get to the part where it is configuring the pc and requests you enter information and change time zone etc etc, and then it will blue screen. After a handful of times using all of my XP discs on this hard drive I decided to swap out the hard drive for another one. I kept getting the same issues with the hard drive I replaced the old one with.

Any help at all on this issue or if you need more information would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.
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  1. Could be dodgy RAM? Do you have any other RAM or can you take a stick out and try installing windows, if you still get a Blue Screen of Death, try the other stick. Try installing XP with min hardware installed and see how it goes.

    It would be good if we knew what Blue Screen of Death 'messages' you are getting???
  2. It ended up being the RAM error code. I didn't really have any other RAM to swap out with it since it is an older pc. Now of course I get BSOD with the hard drives once I put them in a different machine with different specs. So I guess perhaps, if possible, the failed installs have somehow corrupted both drives?
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