Bare wires to 1 rca plug

Sorry The Sub has just got 2 bare wires not amp !
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  1. Hi

    Basically i have a 5.1 surround system and the amp has just got 2 bare wires, on the amps i am looking at the subwoofer is always connected with an rca, so i was wondering can you convert the 2 bare wires into 1 rca plug so that i can plug my sub into the amp

  2. well the subwoofers ive seen with speaker wires required, are all passive.

    is your subwoofer passive?
  3. Sorry i dont know what that means :S excuse my ignorance
  4. does your subwoofer, have an amplifier or not?
  5. If your subwoofer doesn't plug into the wall outlet it is passive and needs to be connected to the left and right front speaker terminals. If it has speaker out connections as well as in then you connect the front speakers here. If not then the sub connects along with the front speakers to the front speaker outs of your system. Make sure you get the + and - connected as marked.
    n the set up menu set the front speakers to large and the sub to none. This sends the bass to the front speaker outputs that the sub is connected to.
  6. Ok thank you but would that not mean that there is no space to plug the front ones in aswell as the sub??
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