Logitech Z5500

Has anyone used the speakers? I am considering buying them to use with my PC i play alot of games and watch alot of movies
does anyone no how they perfrom?
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  1. they perform /okay-ish /to good, at desktop standards, but if u are planning to use them for movies in a large room, they wont do, as some reviews have sed, that teh sound unevenly disperse, (im guessing to do poor driver construction).
  2. I just purchased these Monday and received them today. I debated for a while on purchasing these and when they went on sale for 269 on amazon i jumped on it.
    Like the user above says, if you want to use these for a LARGE room, i wouldnt recommend it. However if you are using this as a bedroom surround sound system or simply to put around your desk, these are WELLL WELLL WELLL worth the money.
    Set up plays a huge roll in the sound quality of speakers, as well as what they are connected to and the connection used between them.
    Make sure that when you set these up they are not mounted in the corners of a large room. Speakers are meant to be mounted at EAR level, not at the top of a room, this is huge in how they will sound.

    go to dolby's site and check out the set up guide.
  3. what is a "large room"?

    I'm also about to buy those but still have some reservations because I was planning to use them in HTPC like setup...

    I mean I have HDTV + HD Set-top box that have digital output. I was planning to hook my PC to the TV to watch Blu-rays and/or game, so those speakers look as a good option.
    Though I was wondering will they sound good in relatively large room (~7m length on 4.8m width) because I read in some review(s) that they are "near field" speakers...
  4. if ur gonna have a Home theatre, then definitely, do not buy these speakers(logitech z-5500), instead buy a 5.1 receiver with decent passive bookshelves and a sub.

    no logitech speakers are good enough quality to bring the sound to the listener at a decent listening distance, although there is a lot of power available, these speakers clearly show, that power isnt everything.
  5. yes (7m length on 4.8m width) is around between a medium to a large room IMO.
  6. I don't want to steal this thread, but can you suggest some good 5.1 receiver & speakers but in the range of 300 to 400 euro?

    my budget is rather thin right now because we just move to the new house and my wallet is already depleted during the building... :-(
  7. 23 ft x 16 ft is a pretty large room.

    If you were willing to save up for a nice house, I would suggest you to save up your money before dropping it on junk that won't fit your needs.

    Televisions have 2.5" built-in drivers; the Z-5500s have 3" drivers. The ability of full-range speakers to fill your room depends on the surface area of the driver, and the Z-5500s will have similar dispersion characteristics to your TV speakers.

    You are basically asking us to suggest a mini table lamp that will light up your entire living room.
  8. Thanks for the replies and my apologies to norsr001 for the hijack...

    so I guess I'll have to start saving and keep current setup - set-top box connected to a old stereo system... :-/

    though that stereo system (from Philips) has a button "Incredible surround" :D and indeed makes a difference when watching TV... of course it is far from proper surround sound but still was surprised on the outcome :D
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