Why do does my computer stick the charger not work


My computer will not work with the charger I just bought. I am assuming it is because it is not a dell charger.

the computer also sticks meaning that if I am playing a game or trying to write on the computer it sticks and I can not get it to move parts around. Meaning if I were playing a scrabble game the pieces stick and will not more or seem to stay suspended in mid air.

I just got a dell battery and it works. I am hoping if I buy a dell charger that then it will work. It worked for awhile,but has since shut off and it will not charge my computer at all.

Do I need to have it all looked at or would it be cheaper just to buy a new computer?

when i plug it in, the charge is not getting to the battery to charge,

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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If the charger you bought doesn't have the same Voltage and Amperage figures printed on it as was printed on the original Dell model, it won't work properly and not just because Dell didn't make it. Does it power the laptop when the battery is removed?

    As to the "sticking", that could imply any number of problems. What is the model number and how much RAM or memory does it have (Control Panel>System>General tab) and what free space is available on the hard disk (My Computer>right click C:\ drive and go to Properties)?

  2. Laptops Question: New Laptop Charger Sticks My Charge Percent - It's Stuck On 22% And ... If your computer will not start, then your charger is defective. ... While Plugged In? Laptop doesn't work when plugged in, but does work with battery.
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