I just purchased a Kodak 8X easyshare digital camera and I need the computer/cam

First, I now relalized I purchased a Kodak easyshare 8X digital camera for twice the amount I could have bought at Wal-Mart-my mistake.

Right now I need the software to share my photos--upload to my computer and to share on the camera itself. Kodak says it no longer has the software?
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  1. The EasyShare software is no longer available to download, that's true, but you should have received it on a CD supplied with the camera. Ask a friend if they have an EasyShare CD you can borrow to install it from.

    As for transferring pics to your computer, you don't need EasyShare. Just buy a card reader, plug it into your PC, then remove the memory-card from your camera and insert it into the card reader.
  2. Phil22 unfortuantely that link is just to the installer.exe and not the full installation as it still tries to download from Kodak's website. I'm pretty much S.O.L too as I can't find my install disk from my kodak camera. Guess that's a good reason to never buy another Kodak product >:( .
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