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i have 2 speakers that have words on the back reading, 4 ohms and 5 watts. I would like to make these speakers work. i have a standard headphone audio cable with the jack leading to the cables that split (one for left side and one for right). How do i attach these wires to the + and - portion of the speakers? With the 4 ohms and 5 watts written on the back, if i use an iPod does this mean i will need extra power to run the speakers, if so how much? and how would i attach this all together to make a working set of powered speakers?
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  1. what are the actual connections at teh back of the speakers?
  2. You need an amp that will deliver 5 watts into 4 ohm speakers.
    P=I x E
    RCA output typ. 1vp-p. Not enough to drive speaker and may overload the ipod output and kill it. look at you Ipod specs, what do they say?
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