How can i remove traces of songs i downloaded from my computer?

i use a youtube to mp3 convertor to download songs on my pc.i use google chrome. the thing is, my dad also uses the computer im using and i knoe he will get pissed if he found out i was downloading music. i deleted them from downloadsin google and downloads folder. i deleted them form recycling bin.

however when i go to my computer and go to local disc c and type in song name, i see a remain of the song.i cant delete because it says the file cant be opened im afraid my dad will see these remains. how can i delete remains of the songs.
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  1. take the hard drive out, put about 30 bullet holes in it, set it on fire with thermite, take the platters out, grind them into pieces with a HDD grinder, distribute them into a river, and when he asks wtf happened, play dumb.
  2. Wipe the computer and make sure you never go pirating again. Understood?
  3. amdfangirl said:
    Wipe the computer and make sure you never go pirating again. Understood?

    that works too, but my answer is funny. But seriously, You can get in a LOT of trouble if you get caught. I mean going to prison trouble. lol they will sue your pants off and take whatever you have and make your life hell.. A good program to wipe the computer is Dariks Boot n Nuke, (it does government wipes and all) they will never get the data after that.
  4. Don't do illegal things in the first place, problem solved. Seriously, if you are worried about your dad catching you then quit doing it.
  5. To remove all search history requires a registry edit. This is a dangerous thing to do if you don't know what you are doing.

    Click Start->Type regedit in the search box and hit enter.

    Navigate to the registry entry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\WordWheelQuery

    Delete the WordWheelQuery Folder.

    Alternatively if you just want to delete a few entries you can open the pre-typed text as pictured and just highlight the entry you want to delete and hit the DEL key.

    The image shown is from Win2k8 r2 but it should be the same on Win7.
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