PowerDVD problems

I got a brand new laptop with blue ray drive in it and am trying to stream blue ray to my tv. i am using a trial version of powderdvd10. when i play regular dvds it workd great. however when i play a blu ray it flickers the whole time. very fast flickering ( basicly a strobe) the sound streams great but picture does not.

I am running a Sony vaio
i3 core 330m 2.13ghz
4GB DDR3 memory
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD
Feature up to 1755MB total video memory

What do i need to do? surely that is enough computing power to run a blu ray. but my cpu Usage when reading the blu ray is up near 90%.

new problem now i am trying to play the dvd in powerdvd10 and it says The playback of this content is not allowed with an digital output device. Please use a analog output device.

I do not even have it hooked up to the tv or anything!

whats the deal
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