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Im looking for some kind of converter that i can plug my DVD player too and send the signal on the network so i can watch on my laptop via a browser or some software player. Im hoping someone out there may know if it exists.
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  1. You're looking for something like a slingbox. They work very well.

  2. Im sorry, i was in a hurry when I wrote that and not reading it again i realize I didnt ask the right question.

    HDMI source (Audio and Video) ---> (((converter I want))) ---> watch with software or a web browser on my laptop
  3. What you seem to be asking for is exactly what the Slingbox does.

    I am not aware of anything in the consumer arena that inputs HDMI. The only systems i have seen are Component video. The Slingbox Pro-HD to be exact.
    You could always use an HDMI to component video adapter:


    Source Component (Component video only) -> Slingbox -> Internet Viewing Software, or Web Browser
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