S/PDIF PCI Bracket Connector

I've been looking everywhere, but I can't seem to find a S/PDIF PCI Bracket Connector for sale anywhere...
All that I find are sound cards that I have no room for in my motherboard, but I do have a 3-pin S/PDIF connector though and that's what I want to use
My motherboard model is Biostar A785G3

In case I didn't make my self clear, I'm looking for something similar to the picture below...

Any help would be appreciated, and thank you in advance for your help! :D

I'm a slow retard who didn't look in the obvious place at first (either way my situation is still the same), but I found that Biostar has their own S/PIDF bracket Part number: 27-K12-033040R5, but I don't know where to buy it?
Here's where I found it at if that helps...

p.s. I don't do ebay...
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  1. At the website you have posted at the top of the page click on "WHERE TO BUY"
    Find a distrubtor then contact reseller.

    Or better yet do a web search of the part number "27-K12-033040R5" and you might be surprised how many actually sell this item
  2. I did google the part number, noting decent comes up! Only ebay comes up, but I'm not into ebay
    Also I did click the where to buy link, but in every store that I click on and search for the model number I get nothing back in the search results...
  3. Did connecting this 27-K12-033040R5 part to your MOBO disable the other audio outputs on the MOBO? Did you find a driver? Any tips would be helpful as I'm about to make the same maneuver.
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