Xbox 360 Slim HDD Console Won't Read

Got a Xbox 360 320GB HDD (Microsoft Brand) off Ebay.

Put it in the Console, console wouldn't read it.

Connected it to my computer via SATA/USB controller. At this stage I CHECKED IT ONLY, no modifications or anything.

Hard drive shows up in device manager as a Hitachi (I think this is a good sign)

However, it's uninitialized AND unallocated.

Isn't it supposed to have 2-3 partitions in FAT32 format as per Xbox 360 setup?

I have a suspicion the seller was a electronics re-seller and not the original owner and instead of using a console to do a soft-format/reset he blasted it in his Disk Management Utility on W7 and has now bricked it.

I've look for tutorials on restoring 360 HDDs to factory but haven't had much luck.

Anyone else been in a similar pickle?

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I sent it back :(. Though it may have been a good thing, because based on my gameplay behavior I realized I wouldn't ever need any more than a 20 gig.
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