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My tv acts like it needs to warm up. I turn it on and it has a black screen and

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June 12, 2011 8:04:56 PM

My TV acts like it needs to warm up. I turn it on and it shows a black screen. If I leave it like this for about 30 mins then turn it on and off a few times it will eventually turn on. After turning on it works fine. What is the deal with this. It just started doing this a couple months ago. It is a LG 47 inch LCD TV.
June 13, 2011 6:05:58 AM

probably the voltage has grown weak from aged parts.
if the television works, it usually means something isnt charging (or isnt releasing its energy).
would be wicked to say a capacitor is totally ruined and still working.. but it isnt impossible, since the other capacitors can swell up and 'balloon' their output to compensate for the one failing capacitor.

maybe it is a resistor that is acting up and doesnt let the voltage through until it is warmed up.

whichever it is, a piece is probably bad and a new one needs to be soldered in.
i would say the 'punk' resistor might be something you could live with if you let it warm up (but that might mean the resistor is either allowing more electricity to go by, or not letting enough through)

if the other pieces are swelling up and 'ballooning' their output.. it is only going to cause them to break faster.
maybe this is a point where the television is broken in, but needs patched.
and maybe being broken in means it is harder to gather a value to patch it.
maybe the pieces are just months away from being fully broken in.. and if you patch it now, the whole circuit value will change in 6-8 months.. making the patch less effective and causing it to break once again.

i'm not saying LG is a company that does this.. but electrical engineers decisions are that of their own.
if i worked as an electrical engineer for a manufacturer.. i would write out the expected points of failure (and when) to pass along to the company.
wouldnt have to reveal all of the secrets if i tell them what is supposed to happen.. then and only then, time would pass and i would be proven to be honest.

if you do that enough, you hand over the paper and use it in court when a person says their television was defective and they demand a full refund (maybe extra money too, for wasted time and mental/emotional damages)
these ugly situations amount to a problem at the factory and the manufacturer would be more than happy to fix the problem.
otherwise the person making the claim is a liar and should be punished for fraud.

you need to get the television to a repair center soon to get it patched before the problem eats away the rest of the circuit.
it is kinda like rust.
if there is paint missing, the rust starts on top and can be sanded down.. then put some paint or primer over it to seal the metal again.
otherwise, the rust just keeps going and going until it eats all the way through the metal (and spreads too!)

whether the electronics person repairs the single piece (or pieces) .. or if they try to force you to buy a whole new board, that is dependant on their contract with LG and their ability to actually change the piece.
sometimes it is just easier to change the whole board because diagnosing the whole problem would take a lot of time.
so much time, in fact, that it is one of those times where you say 'if it takes me a month.. i will always know how to do it again'

so maybe your television costs $200 to get fixed.. it is better than $1,200 for a new one.
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