TV In A Bedroom Without Cabling.... via laptop and monitor or a internet TV

Hello all and here is hoping I can get some really good advise.

I am looking at the option of being able to watch TV in my bedroom. The bedroom does not have a TV ariel installed so I was wondering the best way to watch TV.

I guess the esaiest way would be to use my laptop which I can stream TV through via the internet (wireless connetion to my router)... I only need to invest in a bigger screen.

The other option would be to invest in a internet TV. This obviously would give me a better picture/sound than the laptop/monitor option I'd imagine but am I just paying for lots of functionality that I would not be ale to use as I am not able to link the TV up to my ariel, or would the ability to stream TV via the internet give me the use of all the TVs functionality?
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  1. quite a few televisions have the option to use netflix (or other internet sources) built in.

    look to see if the tv requires a wire for the internet connection or not. if it does, do you want to run one? using the tv option for internet would likely be easier and require less thought but you would be more limited to the sources you could get .

    if you used your laptop you could pull sources up from any media source on the internet (though sometimes it wouldnt fullscreen right on your tv) and you'd be running the tv as a second monitor (so you'd be doing it from within windows and all that). ultimately alot more complicated but you have 5x the options. you could even use the laptop as a dvd player, media storage device, photo center, the list goes on.

    so, it depends on exactly what you want to do.
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