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I'm just wondering whether I should go for a cheaper 5.1 Audio or the same price in a 2.1 Audio. I went to fry's electronics and it seemed like most of the 2.1 were more expensive than the 5.1. I'm using it as a desktop computer for Movies, Gaming, and Music.

Also, is this the right section to post this in? I wasn't too sure.

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    Quality vs quantity. You need to decide this for yourself. Music is predominantly 2 channel, and games are predominantly 6 channel.

    I personally prefer 2 better speakers than 5 lower quality speakers, because I listen to music 70% of the time, and 20% of the time watching Netflix/TV shows which are all 2 channel. I game only a small amount, but when I do, I care more about dialogue clarity than some ambient sounds.
  2. Hmm I care more about music and movies. I mostly watch on DVDs. Would this matter at all? Are DVDs also 2 channel?
  3. Most DVDs are 5.1. Non-action movies usually have virtually no output at the rears though.

    Almost any animated film plus documentaries are in 2 channel.
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