AMD XP 2000+ Problem

The computer I just built includes an AMD XP 2000. For some reason, I cannot set the FSB to any higher than 100. Because I set it on 100, the computer detects my cpu as an AMD MP 1.2. Several attempts to change the FSB to 133 have resulted in crashes so quick I have barely enough time to go into the Bios and underclock the FSB back to 100. Any ideas? My comp includes:
ASUS A7N8X Nforce2
512 MB DDR 2700
Gforce4 ti4200

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  1. Power supply?
  2. I have the same exact problem witht the same mobo.
  3. Heat sink? Thermal interface material used between processor and heat sink? Size of the case? Additional case fans?

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    then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
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