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March 24, 2003 5:46:22 AM

Hello i am looking for some help here,
here is my problem............
When i play Everquest my comp will reboot for no apperant reason and it is only 1 in 80 about will it reboot in windows or any other app. so if ya got any help i would LOVE some input form your Knoldage.......... (yes i know it should not be rebooting at all) but it is very common in Everquest :) 
Thank you ,Cuda
componats and as much as i can tell ya about them are listed ........
1) 400W power supply
2) Gigabyte GA-8SQ800
SiS 655 and 963 chipsets, AGP8X, Dual Channel DDR400, and Hyper-Threading Technology supportin, The platform not only features a variety of fantastic features such as IEEE 1394, USB2.0, and 6-channel audio but also utilizes several Gigabyte unique designs
3) Intel Pentium 4 2.4BGHz 512K 533MHz CPU Northwood P478 Processor
CPU: Pentium 4 P4 2.4BGHz Northwood
Type: Northwood
Cache: 512K
BUS: 533MHz
Socket: P4 478
Retail Box (with Heatsink and fan)
4) PC3500 512MB 434MHz - CAS 2.0 - Copper Heat Spreader
· 512MB Per Stick · PC3500-434MHz · 0.13 Micron · Copper Heat Spreaders
· 184 pin DIMM, non-ECC · 6 Layer PCB - Ultra High Quality · DIMM Lead pitch: 1.27 mm · 2.5 Volts · SSTL-2 I/O Interface · CAS Latencies: 2.0 · SPD Support · Support for Memory Chip Stacking
5) Verto Ti 4200 AGP
64MB DDR memory (500MHz memory clock) provides increased frame rates for faster game play 8.0GB/sec. memory bandwidth Unique maroon-colored card Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ (LMA) II - Delivers twice the memory bandwidth of GeForce3 graphics cards NVIDIA nfiniteFX™ II engine Enhanced Vertex and Pixel shaders, with new Z-Correct Bump Mapping technology Accuview™ Antialiasing Dual Vertex Shaders Advanced Pixel Shaders 3D textures Shadow buffers Z-Correct Bump Lossless Z Compression Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) High-Definition Video Processor (HDVP) TV-Out and Video Microsoft® DirectX®, 8.X and Open GL
6) Sound Blaster Live 5.1
digital 5.1 clarity. Driven by the powerful EMU10K1™ Digital Signal Processor Creative PlayCenter™ with a full 320kbps encoder and 9X MP3 acceleration
7) Windows XP Pro
well i think that is bout all the info ya may need and thank you again for your help and nothing is OVERCLOCKED yet hehe

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March 24, 2003 3:27:32 PM

well sorry for the post to be so long i just thought i'd give ya as much info as possable so ya had it at your finger tips
March 25, 2003 8:00:15 AM

overheating perhaps? is it only in everquest or is it whenever you stress the computer? what are your temps? or it may be a driver issue. try reinstalling your drivers... in fact if it was me i would format and do a fresh install.

I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
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March 25, 2003 4:13:43 PM

The extreme vast majority of the time sudden reboots are caused by power problems. I'd list your power supply as the first culprit.

Short of that, I'd suspect that SiS chipsetted motherboard.

<font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
March 25, 2003 7:36:49 PM

thankx for the input i did do a complete reload of drivers and Windows but still seem to have the prob
but thankyou too and it doese seem to be under real stress
March 25, 2003 7:41:39 PM

ty i did supect my P/S as well thats why i got the new 400W P/s from the older 350W P/S
and as far as the SiS chip set ya i did suspect it as well but i did get a hold of Gigabyte and thay have no reported probs of such nature from the chip set ... infact thay did go on to say that 98% of the feed back thay got grom that M/B was extreamaly Poss. so i am feeling good about that (phew) hehe ok thankyou for your input as well
March 26, 2003 6:29:52 PM

Can you give any stats about your power supply other than it's wattage? Was it a cheap? Was it a good name brand? What amperages is it rated for on each rail?

<font color=blue><pre>If you don't give me accurate and complete system specs
then I can't give you an accurate and complete answer.</pre><p></font color=blue>
March 27, 2003 8:13:13 AM

slvr may be right about the psu.. download motherboard monitor and check your voltages.
it could still be overheating problem tho especially ifit does itunder stress.. do you know how hot its getting?

I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.