Microphone won't pick up voice?

Hey guys, I have a Madcatz Ampx headset,

I'm trying to get it to work with my computer, but I'm having no such luck.
I bought two adapters for the lines, so they would connect and work. The microphone and headphones I know work, as I use them on my phone as well.

So when I plug in the headset, the headphones work, and I can hear sounds, and music, and games etc.
However, the mic refuses to pick up my voice or any other noise. I know they are not muted in the recording devices and they are not muted in the line in. When i boost the DB to 20, there is a static.

My question is, how do I fix it?

Btw, they are plugged into my mobos sound, but I do have a sound card.
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  1. have you tried using it through the sound card?
  2. You might need to increase the volume of the microphone input in Device Manager\Devices and Sound\Manage Sound Devices\Recorder. The path may differ according to your OS. Mine is Windows 7.
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