For owners of Acer Aspire 5920G-934G25Mi-URGENT!

Hello people! I would like to know if someone of you has this model of laptop! I need the specs of the hard drive for recovery issues. I know that it is WD2500BEVS but I need the date of manufacture and the firmware version if possible. I know that there is a sticker on the top of the drive but I peeled it off :pt1cable:
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  1. Date of manufacture would be different for different laptops even in the same series, also the firmware version. Drives used, even in the same model, are often different aside from the size. You are assuming that they are building that model using drives purchased at the exact same time from the same vendor, which is not always true.
  2. That's true :) I am desperate! Ok,at least I know what kind of logic board I need, so, the problem is the firmware. Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade it from western digital ?
  3. There are firmware updates, usually from the laptop vendor. If not you can check with WD support.
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