Need suggestions for 5.1 mainly used for gaming and music under $200

Alright so I've been looking for speakers (5.1) for my PC and PS3, I will be using those speakers for music gaming and some blu-ray movies. Right now i own x240 from logitech, I wouldnt say they are aweseom or bad, but they are good for its price.
I decided to for logitech g51 but couldnt find them anywhere as they are discoutinued, so was going for x540. . So hows x540 gonna do compared to x240?

Somehow i looked on Onkyo HT540, it seems pretty darn powerfull and its 7.1 so thats an advantage. I can get them for $200. Is onkyo a good brand? Plus I heard that I need to get a reciever which will cost me at least $75. Cant I just connect those speakers with 3.5mm jack?

Oh and my room is approx 12x9 or so. Do u think x540 would be enough and Ht540 would be too powerful and i am wasting money on that onkyo? X240 is only 25 watts only and the max I go is only half volume!

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. No one can help?? :(
  2. Well you CAN connect them to the 3.5mm jack, you just won't hear anything. I've never heard of speakers "too powerful", that's why all of these devices have a volume dial, just like cars have a gas pedal.
  3. Thanks for you reply!

    Basically if i go for onkyo 7.1, I HAVE to buy a reciver right? Oh and by powerful i meant like onkyo HT540 has about 500 watts or so but if my room is small i will take up the volume 1/4 or a bit more compared to x540 which is only 70 watts, i can go half or more volume. My point is all those extra watts wont be "used".
  4. The Onkyo HT540 has no amplifier, so it has 0 watts. The numerical value they place on the "power handling" specs they give to passive speakers are pretty much meaningless and just a number they threw out there based on pretty much nothing.
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