HDMI and Audio

I have the following setup:

Panasonic TC-P50G10 50" Plasma
Pioneer VSX-1020K AV Receiver
LG BD590 Blu-Ray Disc Player
DishNetwork DuoDVR ViP 722k
Dell Precision 470 Workstation, P4 Xeon 3.2GHz, 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD, SoundBlaster Audigy ZS, nVidia Quadro FX3400, MicroSpeed wireless Keyboard/Mouse.

All connect via HDMI to the 1020k which outputs to the G10 via HDMI and upconverts to 1080p. All works fine except the computer. The computer is connected with an DVI-to-HDMI cable to the 1020k on HDMI 1 and from the SoundBlaster Audigy via coax to Coax-1. Video card is an nVidia Quadro FX3400. On the reciever, HDMI 1 is the only HDMI input that can have the audio re-assigned. After assigning the audio to Coax-1 for HDMI 1, there is no sound. But if I press the Home Menu (setup for the receiver), the OSD comes up and the audio playing on the computer actually comes out at DD5.1 (I just let Windows Vista Ultimate Media Player play all the songs on my computer so I know there is sound coming out of the computer).

There are not many settings on the reciever other than the assignment page. Not being knowledgeable about how things interact, I am not sure where to look for answers, i.e., Pioneer, nVidia, Creative Labs. At first I thought it was a driver problem with the 3400 and I updated to the latest driver. Then I tried to eliminate the video card so I have an older GeForce 5200 PCI video card I tried and it does the same thing.

I am not sure but to me, it is like the DVI sends out just the right amount of information (via HDCP) to the reciever that the receiver thinks audio is coming via HDMI and will override the Coax-1 setting when it shouldn't. The only reason I think this is because when I have HDMI 1 selected, the audio works when the OSD of the receiver is displayed which would override the HDMI input and since I told it to use Coax-1, that is what it plays in the background while the OSD is displayed. If I select HDMI 2 (DishNetwork) or BD (Blu-Ray Disc) and display the OSD, there is no sound.

I read something similar on a post on another site and the response was to use AC3Filter software but after looking at the documentation and installing it, it is more complicated to me.

Any ideas? My 4-year old cannot play Zoodles without any sound.
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